intelliStack IoT monitoring application combines software and hardware tools into easy-to-use solution for remote monitoring and control. The application is multi-tenant and each tenant can have multiple administrators and thousands of devices. An IoT solution usually consists of three parts:

  • Sensors and smart devices – they are located in your property – greenhouse, home, factory or vehicle. The sensors measure  the characteristics of your environment and send the data to the gateway.
  • Gateway – usually it’s a software application implemented on Python which is running on Raspberry Pi or Arduino boards. The application captures the data from the sensors and transmits it to the cloud server in real time.
  • intelliStack Monitor – it’s a web application hosted on our cloud server. The authorized users have access to customizable dashboards where they can monitor in real time the data from the sensors. The flexible Rules module allows the administrators to setup different alarms and actions based on the telemetry data.