Asset Manager is web based management system, designed to track the maintenance of all company assets, including the flow of repair requests, track records of all repairs and replaced parts, statistics for the maintenance cost, etc.

Asset Manager is multi-tenant web application and can work in two modes:

  • As standalone application hosted on a dedicated server and used by only one customer. The customer pays for annual license. This mode is suitable for big customers who need to customize the application according to their needs.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) application hosted in the intelliStack cloud infrastructure and used by multiple users. This mode is suitable for customers with small amount of assets, who prefer cost efficient solution.

The purpose of the application is to track all maintenance activity and collect in single repository all data for the customers’ assets – configuration, spare parts, repair history, etc.

Asset Manager consist of the following main modules:

  • Assets – contains the data for the assets and their configuration.
  • Parts – contains the data for the parts
  • Support cases / Repairs
  • Dashboard – statistics about the assets based on the collected data.